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Suggestions for use of Christian Evidence Units


For each unit:

  1. Discuss the need for the unit.

    For example, re. The resurrection of Jesus, discuss what doubts you have, what prophesies you know and why you think it is important to be sure Jesus rose from the dead.

  2. Work through the cloze test in pencil.

    This is intended to stimulate healthy anticipation and interest in the future study of the unit and should be a private matter.

  3. Read through the unit, completing the correct responses on the cloze test in pen, underlining areas which need close attention.

  4. Memorise at least 4 key texts.

  5. Discuss the questions found at the end of the cloze test.

    Please note:

    We are not using any Post-modern ideas in these suggestions as this is inappropriate when discussing absolutes. It is not ill-informed opinions which we need; rather discussion based upon the absolutes which are beyond dispute.

To this end we are using the methodology of a foremost Christian thinker, Dr Ravi Zacharias.
(As used in 'Deliver from Evil' group study DVDs and materials available from UCB Direct.)