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Did God make everything in 6 days?

This question is probably the most asked one about the universe. The best way to answer it is to eliminate every other alternative then look at why God did it this way.

First you should read Genesis chapter 1. It is on the internet if you don't have a Bible. God created everything in 6 days:


A901     Day 1 Light and darkness

    Day 2 Sky

    Day 3 Dry ground and plants

    Day 4 Sun, moon and stars

    Day 5 Sea creatures and birds

    Day 6 Land creatures and man


You have a choice: either believe God did this based on the evidence or believe everything made itself based on the evidence.

To investigate this you should use the excellent web sites on the internet rather than read arguments for and against. The best at the moment is All About Science because they have video clips that show the complex design involved in all creation.

Evolution and creation are both theories about how life started and came to be this way. They are theories about the past.

Can they be proved scientifically?

The definition of scientific proof is that something must be repeated with the same result continuously in a controlled setting such as a laboratory.

As evolution is supposed to have happened over the past 4 billion years can it be repeated and observed?


When something happened in the past all you are left with is finding the best way to explain the evidence left behind. This is not scientific proof but falls into the category of historical proof. Nobody was there to observe so we are left with theories.


Evolutionary scientists do not believe the Biblical account of creation,
rather life started by chance while creationists say that God used
His intelligent mind to create this complex world including the
intelligent minds of the scientists.

Each one is a matter of belief interpreting the evidence and the belief in God   
explains the evidence in a much more consistent and logical manner.


Here is some of the evidence for creation by God:


1. All created beings must have a creator.


Nothing can make itself. There must be a cause for every effect.


A903    Imagine you are walking along a beach and you see the name 'John'
written in the sand.

   Is your immediate reaction to think that this is the result of a combination
of wind and waves on the sand

   or do you logically conclude that somebody must have written it?

   If we are honest we all know that if something has order to it like the word
'John' a person with an intelligent mind must have put it there.


Again, NASA has a program where they are looking for life in outer space by sending out sound signals and waiting for a response.

With all the space noise out there scientists were asked how they would know which ones meant intelligent life. The reply was 'the ones that showed some sort of pattern or order.' They are so willing to believe that any pattern or order in outer space is obviously designed by an intelligent mind and yet they look at the amazing complexity of this world and tell themselves, and anyone who will listen, that it all happened by chance.

Let's be honest and at least say that the very logical conclusion is that the order and complexity of this world was designed by a creative intelligent mind.

The logical question to ask at this stage is So if everything needs an intelligent being to create it then who made God?

But God is spirit and not matter so He did not need to be designed or created by another force. It is only material things that need a beginning and an end but God is eternal and not material. Nobody needed to create Him.


2. If even the one-celled organisms are now revealed as being
as complex as a major city, with transport systems,
communications and enough information to fill a set of encyclopedias,
where does that leave the evolutionary idea that 'primitive'
one-celled organisms suddenly appeared on the scene.


From where did their amazing complexity come?

In a recent documentary called 'The Triumph of Life' (Green Umbrella Ltd) the claim was made that 'out of order and chaos order and complexity emerged'. They go on to claim that 'cells organized themselves into multi-celled organisms.'

Moving on up the evolutionary ladder they claim that 'animals developed shells for protection against predators' and 'developed simple lungs and skin' to adapt to conditions on land.

Later on 'simple lungs allowed them to breathe air' and 'governed by new genes they transformed into new creatures. They grew wings.' Reptiles were very pleased when 'waterproof eggs allowed them to breed in dry places.' In conclusion, the documentary insists, these creatures were molded in form and action by evolution.

Richard Dawkins, an evolution spokesperson, on page one of 'The Blind Watchmaker', stated that 'biology is the study of living things which look like they have been designed (but he still believes they haven't, despite admitting they appear to have been designed).Scientists who are experts in the field of biological complexity such as Sir Anthony Flew, have realized these ideas are ridiculous.


A905 Their studies of DNA under the electron microscope have shown them that the blue print for all living things exists in every cell in every organism and there is no way that an organism can learn new information from external sources.

If you look up Flew's name on the internet you can learn how one of the strongest evolutionary scientists has turned his back completely on this system in favour of an intelligent designer.


3. Our Intelligent Designer has made all His creation dependent on so many other things.


  Did you know that if the earth was a little closer
  or further away from the sun we would all be dead?
  If we had more or less oxygen every day we would die.

  If the vitamins found in fruit and vegetables
   were not there we would sicken and die.

  If plants were not created the day before animals
   we would all die.


At school we are taught evolution as fact when there is no experimental or even clear fossil evidence for it. We are taught that everything started with one single-celled organism which somehow came to life without anyone causing it.

No scientist has ever been able to do this in a laboratory. Somehow this one-celled organism evolved into multi-celled organisms over millions of years though there is no fossil evidence in the many rock layers that this has happened. Also there is no evidence that organisms have developed from less complex to more complex beings.

Evolutionist also believe that somehow these organisms found a way to divide into two completely different groups called plants and animals even though they have nothing in common. They had to develop together at the same time on the evolutionary time scale in such a way that they supported each other's survival.


A907 For example the Ulysses Butterfly had to appear at the time when Corkwood trees evolved ...


A908    ... as this is the only tree it uses for breeding.


It takes a lot to be convinced by this fairy story.

There is far more evidence for the Creator Designer who has organized this magnificent creation intricately than for the idea that it just created itself by chance with nobody in charge.

The latest news about evolution is that scientists now see that Darwin was wrong about the tree of life theory.


See 'New Scientist' January, 2009 for more detail.

These are not Christians yet they see huge holes in the theory of evolution.

Pray that their eyes will be opened to see the whole thing is wrong.


There are many more points to make for creation as a theory but they are best made by seeing the pictures and videos with comments on All About Science and CreationOnTheWeb websites.

Remember you are involved in a battle.

You have been taught to do without a need for God by explaining away His creation as a matter of chance and time.

Read through this study again then go out and study some butterflies and birds or the moon and stars at night.

Pray to God that He will show you the truth.

Keep going.

Don't let doubt stop you in your search for truth.

We want to help you get through to an understanding of your God who made you magnificently and loves you so much He sent His only Son to die for your sins so that you can live forever with Him.

You can become a new person in tune with your maker.

This is an experience every true Christian knows and is greater than any other.