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This is a most fascinating word for most Australians yet one which is rarely discussed or understood.

Most Australians were amazed when fireworks lit up the word "Eternity" on the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the year 2000,

but few know about the writer of that word in copperplate handwriting over 500,000 times on the footpaths of Sydney.



Rev. John Ridley proclaimed in 1932 in Sydney, "Eternity, what a remarkable uplifting glorious word. There is only one eternity. You have to meet eternity. Where will you spend eternity?"


Arthur Stace, a homeless alcoholic at that time, walked out of that church with the words ringing through his brain.

He was seized to write the word. "I had a piece of chalk in my pocket and I bent down right there and wrote it," he said.

He admitted that he could hardly even write his own name legibly but was amazed what came from that piece of chalk - in a hand worthy of a professional.

For 35 years he wrote only this word over half a million times, having trusted in the gospel of Jesus Christ dying for his sins, throwing away the bottle and becoming a happily married evangelist.



At we have explored many avenues to find out whether eternity is real and how we can be sure to go there when we die. We have explored science, ancient and modern literature and religions for historical/legal evidence for eternity. Science cannot teach us anything about eternity as it is the study of empirical evidence, that which can be tested by experiment in a laboratory.

The evidence we seek is found in historical/legal sources which are just as convincing as scientific evidence. These sources examine the truthfulness of the speaker or writer by checking whether their statements and prophecies have been proven. One of the most powerful of these historical/legal evidences is prophecy. God has spoken through His prophets, predicting events hundreds of years before they happen.

The Bible is a historical record of hundreds of these prophesies that are being fulfilled. In fact if you want to know what will happen in the next 50 years go to Prophecy today.... If God inspired men to prophesy events hundreds of years before they happen and they all happen accurately we can be sure He lives in eternity, is all powerful, all knowing and everywhere present. In the same book where God shows us this evidence about Himself and eternity he also shows us how we have fallen short and lost contact with Him and that He has provided us a way to find Him.

Surely we should be paying attention and commencing this search of a lifetime.


Why were Arthur Stace and this word 'eternity' so popular in Sydney in the twentieth century?

We think it is because God has written eternity in the hearts (core of our being) of all of us and we cannot escape from this awareness (see Ecclesiastes 3:11).

We are also aware that there is an unseen world out there which is mysterious and appealing while the world we can see does not satisfy our souls (see 2 Corinthians 4:18).



There is only one God who has made us all to live in eternity forever with Him.

He has made some promises to you if you will take him at His word:

"You will search for Me and you will find Me if you search with all your heart." Jeremiah 29:13

"In my right hand are pleasures for ever more." Psalm 16:11

God promises an eternity beyond our wildest dreams but there are conditions.

You must make some life-changing decisions on this earth if you want to be with God in eternity.

Are you willing to examine this evidence with an open mind and discuss your thoughts with us and other searchers for eternal life?



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